You can’t rain on our parade: Geelong launch

You can’t rain on our parade: Geelong launch

Part of the Mentor Walks mantra is that rain, hail or shine we walk because professional advancement is all about showing up and doing the work.
Our recent launch in Geelong is testament to that.

Thirty-eight women (10 mentors and 28 mentees) braved a downpour of rain to come together to share their knowledge and experiences and officially launch Mentor Walks’ seventh host town.

“Geelong women are fantastic,” says Mentor Walks Co-Founder Bobbi Mahlab. “Despite torrential rain, not a single mentee failed to show up and many women lingered long after the hour was over and arranged to meet again. It was a great start to Mentor Walks in one of Victoria’s most exciting, growing regional cities.”

Mentors in attendance included Elaine Carbines, CEO of G21; Joanne Plummer, Executive Director at Business in Heels; and Marsha Upphill, Director of Arranyinha Pty Ltd. (Click here to meet all the Geelong mentors).

The mentees took away very different lessons, including the value of building up confidence in the workplace, the vital importance of networking and taking small steps in order to achieve larger goals.

Mentee Krys Mossop said she learnt “not be intimidated when thinking about putting yourself forward for new opportunities. (i.e. To put your hand up, even if you’re not feeling as confident as you’d like to).”

“I am based in a small organisation and currently do fairly specialised work, meaning I sometimes don’t have access to the networking chances that can happen more fluidly in larger organisations and industries. So it was brilliant to have an explicit mentoring and networking opportunity that cuts across areas and is nice and inclusive.”

“[I also gained] some great concrete suggestions for networking groups and leadership development programs in the Geelong area. Elaine Carbines (mentor) is a progressive, insightful leader, and it was really affirming to see her speak to the importance of work cultures that value people,” says Mossop.

Another mentee, Julie Howell, said: “As a sole business owner I received invaluable advice on strategic networking to help grow my business.”

Lauren Hill added to this, saying: “Seeing my business from other successful business women’s perspective was a very helpful exercise. I think we were all matched up perfectly!”

To sign up to our next Geelong walk on Friday, 16 August 2019, click here.

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