When mentees band together

When mentees band together

Sydney mentees Anna Lamb (right) and Anna Cheney (left) came to Mentor Walks expecting to take something valuable away from their mentor. And they did. But they received the added bonus of meeting each other and realising they both had expertise which could drastically help the other in their career. 

They have since met to exchange skills, something that is happening with a number of Mentor Walks mentees.

What did the Annas learn from each other?

“This was a fortuitous pairing and not only because we are both named Anna,” says Cheney. 

“I am an actor on stage and screen and I’m also passionate about empowering women. In the corporate world, I use my skills as an actor (vocal training, the art of reading body language, how to engage an audience and tell a story) in one-to-one role play and train and teach others how to communicate.

“Whether that is a meeting with your boss or a presentation in front of a large audience, I train and coach in practical techniques to give strength and power to the words through the body and voice.”

As a Pricing Consultant within an IT company, Lamb faced a few challenges around having to deliver long presentations to her team every fortnight, and Cheney, as a business owner, was seeking advice around business development and marketing.

“I suggested that Anna and I did a time swap arrangement. She could help me with my business plan and I could help her with her presentation skills,” says Cheney.

Lamb adds: “It’s great that we’re subject matter experts on each others development opportunities.”

Coming back together

Being able to transfer skills between each other was valuable for the Annas and overall their Mentor Walks experience left a good impression. 

“I learnt that there is a wealth of knowledge out there and there are women who want to give that knowledge away to empower others around them,” says Cheney.

“I realised that I’m not alone and more importantly, that there are strong, courageous women in my city who not only have experienced all the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, they also want to help. I love that.”

Lamb says the experience helped her to see things with a broader lens.

“Mentoring gives you the big picture perspective. You get stuck in your day to day job and your  present environment, but when you seek out mentoring and get a different perspective and listen to someone else’s set of values, it changes the way you view things in general.”

“Being able to access these really brilliant women and to listen and share my own story was a really good experience. I felt really invigorated afterwards,” says Lamb.

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