Taking your career for a tune up

Taking your career for a tune up

You don’t have to be experiencing a career problem or lacking in mentorship in order to attend one of our walks. Sometimes it’s just nice to hear the perspective and experiences of someone new – someone you otherwise might not have met.

Brisbane mentee Allana Ross is one of the lucky women to already have already had great mentorship from not one, but four “amazing women” in the organisations she’s worked for. And, acknowledging that there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, she came to Mentor Walks (not once but twice) seeking the perspective of even more impressive women.

She says her mentors, Tracey Viera, former CEO at Screen Queensland, and Kristy Kelly, CEO at Kristy Kelly Consulting, both “offered amazing insights into their professional lives and were open and engaging to talk with”.

Moving forward with confidence

Allana says she’s arrived where she is today (in a sales and production role with a beef company that has her traveling the world) with confidence after taking on the advice and wisdom of other women in her field.

“Mentoring is so important. It allows you to engage with a non-bias person who acts as a sounding board for challenges you face, and someone to give you guidance and insight from a different perspective. It’s like counselling for your professional life!”

She collected her foundational skills in marketing, logistics, finance, and sales and production in a range of food-related organisations and a Bachelor of Agribusiness under her belt. Now she’s leaning on the women who’ve ‘been there, done that’ to hone her leadership skills. In the future, she hopes to be a mentor herself. She wants to help younger women who are starting out in their careers, so she’s coming to events like Mentor Walks to see how the pros do it.

The questions that she posed to her mentors reflected this desire. She wanted to know:

How did you manage the transition from being professional in your field to becoming a team leader?

How do you maintain a good work life balance at the same time  as advancing in your career?

“I want to ensure I’m prepared as I get busier with work and taking on more responsibilities. At the same time, I want to make sure I’m managing what’s going on in my personal life. My mentors were great in that we were able to talk through different scenarios and they helped me to re-frame my thoughts.”

Other insights

As well as getting some answers to her burning questions, Allana also got to take some other great pearls of wisdom from both of her walks, such as:

“Don’t be afraid to negotiate! Women are less likely to ask for a pay rise, while men nearly always ask for one, no mater what their position in the company is.”

“Take ownership of your achievements. Use ‘Me’ not ‘We’ when describing the achievements you’ve made as part of a team.”

“When you need to re-frame, get creative and change your environment (get up, grab a coffee, sit in a different room etc.).”

I would encourage anyone who hasn’t yet engaged with Mentor Walks to give it a go!

“Not only do you get to explore answers to some questions you might have – but you have the chance to get to know other mentees, as well as network with some amazing mentors!”

Have you got a burning question for one of our mentors? Or would you just like the opportunity to learn from someone who has come before you? Book into our next Brisbane walk on the 18th of October.

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