Mentor Walks gave this mentee the confidence to ace her job interview

Mentor Walks gave this mentee the confidence to ace her job interview

Brisbane mentee Angela Timbs came to Mentor Walks at the exact right time. The day following her walk, she had a job interview. After a career in marketing and communications, she decided she wanted to put herself on a new path and follow her passion for the arts.

She came to the walk seeking advice on how to best pitch herself and her skillset in her interview and, lucky for her, she was paired with a mentor who also harbours a strong passion for the arts, outgoing CEO of Screen Queensland Tracy Viera.

“The advice from my mentor made all the difference to my state of mind going into the interview,” says Timbs. And the best part is, she got the job!

Now she’s the Business Manager for a leading contemporary visual arts magazine.

“This is an exciting, diverse and extremely rewarding role, which requires a combination of all the skills and knowledge I’ve been consciously developing over the years through formal study as well as paid and unpaid work.”

Slaying Imposter Syndrome

Prior to her walk, Timbs dealt with a barrier facing many women in the workplace: Imposter Syndrome.

“My major pain point prior to the walk had always been lack of confidence. Although I’d worked hard to develop my professional skills, and consistently received excellent feedback from employers and clients, I still really struggled to articulate my worth,” she says.

“Through discussions with others – particularly with other women – I realised this was a common issue, but one which could seriously hold me back if I didn’t find a way to overcome it. I started by taking notice of the women I admired for being able to communicate their value clearly with assurance, poise and humility. What I was looking for in a mentor was a model for how to achieve that.”

And that’s exactly what she got from Viera.

Other than taking “a huge dose of inspiration” from her mentor, Timbs says she also found her to be approachable, knowledgeable, gracious and generous.

“Tracy really did embody so many of the qualities I want to emulate in my own life. She had some great advice about owning my successes in an interview situation – not to downplay my individual contribution to a group outcome when talking about examples of my work.”

“This was quite a simple insight but turned out to be incredibly helpful when I went to my interview, as it really helped boost my confidence.”

The ripple effects

Timbs was somewhat surprised by just how much her walk with her mentor and fellow mentees impacted the way she works now.

“I came away from my first Mentor Walk feeling refreshed and boosted, with the sense of being part of a supportive community. This has given me the assurance to be more courageous, outspoken and experimental in solving work challenges, as I can now draw on the examples of these other smart, high achieving women.”

Mentoring benefits both mentor and mentee, says Timbs, and she’s convinced these kinds of professional relationships are critical ingredients for a successful career.

“There are plenty of people we may admire from a distance whose career achievements provide inspiration and motivation. That’s great for the vision board, but it doesn’t show the whole story. Mentoring is a special relationship that can reveal the often messy and struggle-filled process of success, not just the end product.

“This has given me the assurance to be more courageous, outspoken and experimental in solving work challenges, as I can now draw on the examples of these other smart, high achieving women.”

“This ‘how-to’ (and sometimes ‘how not-to’) knowledge is so important for anyone trying to figure out their own career path, but it’s not easy to come by outside of the kind of one-to-one relationship that mentoring provides.”

“It’s also an opportunity for honest exchange that helps build trust, resilience, and understanding – all essential qualities that can’t be learned by taking a course.”

Timbs is lucky to be surrounded by many other brilliant mentors in the thriving Brisbane art scene.

“I have been welcomed into this vibrant and inspiring space where I’m mentored by several remarkable women who genuinely thrive on helping others succeed. Mentor Walks is different because of the walking format – which is a pleasant change from meeting up for coffee (not that I’d ever say no to coffee!). I’d also say it’s extra rewarding to attend a morning Mentor Walk; I’m a night owl who struggles with early mornings so it’s great to know I’ve achieved something before breakfast!”

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over time and requires a lot of self-check ins. Timbs knows this, but she’s taking all the right steps to set herself up for success.

“I’m still chasing that elusive self-confidence, which I hope will increase as I work more with various mentors and develop my skills in several areas. I’m also pursuing further studies to complement my current role and help me prepare for future challenges. I feel confident enough now to do this, and I know where and how to find support whenever I need it.”

Have you got a job interview coming up that you need to ace? Or do you need a confidence boost in general? Our mentors can help. Book into your next walk here.

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