Meet the mentee overcoming self doubt

Meet the mentee overcoming self doubt

Sarah Naumovski’s career started at a mental health facility in the Illawarra region. She began working in the administration side of the business and worked her way up to a Practice Manager position.

It was after having her children that she decided to move on from this organisation where she had spent 14 year of her career.

The next step was a position with Pillar – which is now known as Mercer Administration Services (MAS).

Here she’s tried her hand a variety of roles and, again, moved her way up in the ranks where she’s now a Customer Service Leader in Operations.

Despite two instances of proving herself by putting in the hard yards and getting to the top of the ladder, she has still experiences the thing that holds many of us back, self doubt.

“It has always been something that has travelled with me during my development into a leader. With time and experience I have managed to turn this in to self-confidence, but it’s a work in progress,” says Sarah.

In an effort to keep the ‘work in progress’ going, Sarah came to Mentor Walks to seek expert advice on how to work through a difficult situation that a member of her leadership staff was facing with one of their direct reports.

Sarah was paired with Tania Brown, Chief Operating Officer at SMART Infrastructure Facility, University of Wollongong, who helped her to bust that self-doubting bubble that women often find themselves trapped in.

“It was surprising to hear how many women experience self-doubt in the workplace and to listen to Tania’s take on it and her experiences throughout her career,” she says.

Since her walk, Sarah has taken Tania’s advice on board and now she’s carving out regular time to meet with her team and discuss possible solutions to any tricky scenarios they’re facing.

“There is so much to learn from others who have experienced similar situations in the workplace. It can reinforce that you’re doing the right thing and can grow your confidence.

“Networking is such a great benefit to yourself and your career. Others experience similar scenarios to us. We can learn from each other about how best to tackle certain situations.”

 Have you got a career question that you’d like some advice on? Speak to one of our expert mentors by booking into our upcoming walk in November!

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