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We Mentor. We Walk. We Connect.

Mentor Walks connects aspiring women with senior women from a diverse professional community. As mentors and mentees walk and talk, they discuss their challenges, successes and lessons learned. Taking mentoring away from the office can bring a fresh start, new ideas and a different perspective.

We walk in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Geelong, Dubbo & Wollongong

“My mentor and I talked about career progression. She gave me advice on how to network strategically and make the right connections with the right people,”Natalie Espinoza

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How We Work

Say goodbye to the table and chairs. We’re bringing our mentors and mentees out into the fresh air. Together we will walk in small groups, and embrace the outdoors, collaborating and supporting one another.

Mentor Walks brings exceptional women together to walk and talk. At each event, senior women or executive leaders walk with mentees for an hour of support, knowledge exchange and problem-solving.

These women value mentorship as an important step towards a successful career. They are senior executives, thought leaders and entrepreneurs from both the public and private sector. Our mentors have a range of skills from a variety of professional backgrounds, including the arts, government, professional services, science, media, academia, entrepreneurship and more.

Our Events

This is a group mentoring session. We aim to keep a ratio of 2-3 mentees to each mentor, carefully matching people to create a valuable experience for all. Each Mentor Walks event costs $25.